Pilot in Training: Briefs from Local Veteran Wildrick Hart’s Book, “The War Years”

“For whatever reason — patriotism, loneliness, whatever — I decided that it was time for me to sign up.”

At just 22 years old, Wildrick Hart had made up his mind — he was going to fight in the second World War.

Hart, who moved to Bradford after the war, told his story of service in his book “The War Years.”

He took steps to enlist in the Army’s Aviation Cadet Program, and in late April of 1943, he was on his way to Maxwell Field in Montgomery, Ala., for pre-flight training.

“I was amazed at how poor my physical condition was the first time we hit PT,” Hart said. “But after two months of vigorous training and plenty of food, I was in the best shape that I ever expected to be in my lifetime.”

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