Never Forget: Decorated World War II Veteran Nagel Shares His Story

Raymond Nagel Sr. remembers firing .50-caliber guns with each of his hands at a German submarine near the Brazilian coast with such accuracy that the enemy gun crews abandoned their stations on the doomed vessel.

Nagel, a decorated World War II veteran with the United States Naval Reserve, and his family agreed to share his story to ensure that the battles fought in South America during the war are never forgotten.

Now 92, Nagel remembers many of the details of that day in 1943 when he and others on a Navy patrol plane spotted a German submarine in the South Atlantic Ocean making its way to Brazil. At the time, the world was focused on the ongoing battles in the European and Pacific theaters. Many paid little attention to U.S. anti-submarine patrols along the American coasts whose mission was to guard against enemy invasion.

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