History Comes Alive in Eldred, PA

Our Beginnings

Our History

“Why is there a World War II museum in Eldred?” The answer lies in a munitions plant that was operated in the Eldred area during the war.   More

The Museum

The Museum

The Museum provides people of all ages the opportunity to learn about the history of WWII and offers unique exhibits about the WWII era.  More

Learning Center

Learning Center

Our Robert A. Anderson Library is home to a collection which now exceeds 8,500 volumes, including rare and out of print books.  More

Resource Guide

Resource Guide for Educators

For schools enhancing the learning experience with field trips, our resource guide offers projects based on the museum exhibits.   More

Inside the Eldred World War II Museum

"Three levels of World War II memorabilia await, including huge model displays that you can drive toy tanks over and replicas of life-size submarines, as well as life-size bunkers you can walk inside, thousands of artifacts from guns to patches and flags to uniforms. The museum could quite literally have been picked up from Washington, D.C. alongside any of the other Smithsonian's buildings and been dropped here overnight."
– Fox News

Remembering Mitchell Paige

A Pennsylvania boy, born in Charleroi, PA, Mitch grew up as the typical small-town American boy. His family had immigrated to the United States at the turn of the century and instilled in him a great love for God and his country, America. Mitch wrote, “I will never forget listening to the exciting stories of American history in my school when I was a child. I learned all about the men who gave their lives to make this country free.”

Along with what he learned from his parents and teachers, he carried with him values learned in the Boy Scouts while acquiring the rank of Eagle Scout and lived his life by the Boy Scout Oath. More